If you think that the charm of traveling just depends on your destination, that’s partly true. The experiences in between add up to it. One of these experiences includes the ones we make in our temporary homes – hotels.

To enjoy your experience also depends on your etiquette. But what exactly is hotel etiquette?

What is Hotel Etiquette?

Hotel etiquette talks about the rules and behavior all guests should follow. It’s not just about paying on time or checking out when you’re supposed to. It also includes the little things, like:

  • How we act in our rooms
  • How we use their facilities
  • How we interact with hotel staff

By doing so, you create a peaceful and friendly environment. When there’s respect, there are fewer problems and misunderstandings. The hotels we stay in feel more welcoming.

Now, let’s explore hotel etiquette and how to be the best guest possible. 

Pre-Arrival Etiquette

Being a guest starts once you enter the hotel. Making reservations and addressing cancellations are a big first impression on your etiquette. Now, let’s figure out how we can make a positive impact before we arrive:

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

When booking a stay at a hotel, prepare all necessary details; make sure that they’re accurate.

Your hotel can help you prepare the best room for your needs and requests by spilling out the right details.

For example, if you’re looking for a pet-friendly hotel, you can provide details so the hotel can accommodate your concerns. 

Don’t forget to respect and understand their booking policies! This is especially true when it comes to deposits, advance payments, and other additional fees. Let’s promote a smoother check-in process. 

2. Consider Their Time as You Consider Yours

Plans can change, especially when we’re on a trip. If you can’t make it on time or cancel your hotel stay, give your hotel a heads-up ASAP.

The importance of doing this allows them to free up the room for other guests. This is so it won’t be a loss for their business.

Yes, it’s true that they will have their own set of rules for cancellation. It would be better if you coordinated with them. But most likely, they will:

  • Offer a refund if canceled on a given date
  • Extra charges will be added to your account

Check-In Requirements

Checking in is usually your first real experience. How you handle the process can affect your entire hotel stay. So, it’s important to know the right way to check-in.

1. Being Patient and Understanding

There are a lot of instances where you can extend your patience, whether on special events, holidays, or spending a solo weekend

The people at the front desk have lots to do, so it’s nice to approach them with a friendly attitude.

2. Come Prepared

When it’s your turn at the front desk, prepare your requirements. Hotels sometimes require a valid ID, booking information, and a deposit slip. 

Here, you can also ask them about what they offer. If you have any special requests, this is the usual time to talk to them.

Hotel Etiquettes During the Stay

Hotels both serve as a personal space for guests and a workplace for some others, too. Because of this, there are some things we need to consider during our stay:

1. Respect Quiet Hours

Since you share walls with strangers, be careful of the noise you make. Especially during the night, make sure other guests can have a good night’s sleep. 

2. Emphasize Cleanliness

We know that room service shows how awesome a hotel is at doing its job, but it won’t make you less to maintain cleanliness.

3. Use Disposed Trash Bins Properly

Whether it be food or other trash, dispose of them properly. You can maintain a room that only needs little to no help from the cleaning staff.

4. Being Polite to Hotel Staff

A simple smile or ‘thank you’ can make a huge difference in someone’s day. If you prefer not to be disturbed, maybe use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign rather than snubbing people.

5. Follow the Rules in Communal Areas

Are you taking some time off in the pool, gym, or spa? Better observe the rules for your own safety and comfort.

6. Respecting Reservations and Time Limits

If you reserve a slot in their spas or gym, stick to your time. Others might be waiting, and we must respect that. 

7. Tipping Appropriately and Acknowledging Good Service

Tipping is how we can show appreciation for a hotel’s service. However, some countries don’t do that. Familiarize yourself with the tipping norms of a particular place and reward them for their good service.

Respect for Property and Equipment

It might be your second home when you stay at a hotel, but promise to take care of their stuff. Here’s how you can keep that promise.

1. Use Items Carefully

Whether it’s the TV remote or hairdryer, use them as you would use at home. If you don’t know how to operate stuff in your room, ask the hotel staff or read a manual.

If you break something, do tell the hotel. We’re sure they’ll understand.

2. Don’t Take Stuff From the Hotel

Hotels give a lot of things for free – soap, coffee pods, slippers, and more. But towels or art pieces are not yours. Even no matter how much you like them. 

Practice good manners and be considerate. This helps your chosen hotel serve everyone better. 

Check-Out Procedures

As your vacation ends, checking out can help you leave a lasting impression.

1. Double-check Your Belongings

Have you ever felt uneasy in your trips before leaving the hotel and felt like you forgot something? Well, you might as well hurry back to your room and double-check. 

Check your drawers, under your beds, and in the bathroom if you forgot anything. You make it easier for the staff when you do this.

Also, leave your room tidy. Although yes, there are staff to tidy things up for you, it’s a small gesture of respect for their hard work.

2. Settle Your Bills and Provide Feedback

Before heading back home, make sure you’ve settled your bills for a smoother process. If you’re unsure about any charges, politely ask for clarification.

Most importantly, help your hotel thrive through your feedback. Tell them what you love about them and what they need to improve. This can help them serve you better. 

Other Additional Hotel Etiquettes

While it’s given that all hotel guests are to observe proper decorum, some situations may arise. In these scenarios, here’s how you can remain as a gracious guest: 

1. Communicate any Special Requests

Make it clear about your:

  • Room preferences
  • Dietary needs
  • Arranging surprises

However, it’s essential to understand that not all requests can be fulfilled due to logistical, safety, or policy reasons.

2. Being Polite and Understanding

Just as we’ve mentioned in the previous number, some requests may not be granted. If you requested ocean-view rooms, they might bring you to one with a city-view because it was fully booked.

In situations like this, extend your appreciation for their effort in seeking solutions for you. 

3. Respecting Hotel Policies

Hotels have policies concerning your kids and pets. Some may offer family-friendly activities, while others are strictly adult-only.

Some others have strict no-et policies, so you need to familiarize yourself with these guidelines. 

Bottom Line

Being courteous and understanding can elevate our travel experiences. Practicing good hotel etiquette is now just about the rules; it’s about being respectable in our temporary homes, with people working for a living.

Hotel Chicago West Loop is an establishment that promotes harmony between guests and staff. When you see yourself visiting the neighborhood, consider us and let us make your stay have a lasting impact.