Lots of people visit Chicago for its vibrant and lively neighborhoods and fun cuisine. But aside from this, they also have lots of places that work for those looking for an adventure.

You can find places for simple fun activities to extreme sports, both on land and in the water. So, here’s a Hotel Chicago West Loop guide to what to see in Chicago for a whole day of excitement!

Go Kayaking at the Chicago Riverwalk

You can explore the city of Chicago from a whole new perspective when you do it through the water – and even better, it’s through kayaking! When you get to the Chicago Riverwalk, you can find Urban Kayaks for guided tours or kayak rentals if you want to go around on your own.

Here, you can paddle through the bridges, skyscrapers, parks, and other unique parts of the city you usually don’t notice from hotel windows and car rides. If you go around at night, you might even catch a great view of the lake’s fireworks show.

Climb Rocks at Maggie Daley Park

Rock climbing is a great sport if you want to have fun and get lots of exercise at once. Evidence suggests that it improves handgrip strength, lower limb pedaling power, vertical jump abilities, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and sit-and-reach results.

In Chicago, the Maggie Daley Park houses one of the biggest indoor climbing walls at about 40 feet high. You can choose between the beginner or advanced climb, depending on your skills. Moreover, you get a great place to see the Chicago skyline.

Zoom on Jet Skis at Lake Michigan

If you want something more extreme than kayaking, consider going across Lake Michigan on a jet ski. You can get rentals from different parts of the area. One thing you want to make sure of is that they provide you with proper gear, from life vests to wetsuits.

Go Higher Up at Skydeck Chicago

A must-see in the area is going up Skydeck Chicago, giving you a breathtaking view across the four states. You also get to experience interactive exhibits and experience walking on a four-foot-long all-glass balcony about 1,350 feet over the city, which they call The Ledge.

Boost Your Fitness at The 606

If you want to get active without the extremity, parks are a great place to start. At The 606, you can find a paved trail about 18 feet above the street.

Lots of people visit the trail for physical activities, like biking, rollerblading, running, or going for a casual walk around the area. Once you get back to your hotel room, you can consider following more tips to stay healthy throughout your trip.

Stroll on Wheels at Grant Park

Similar to The 606, Grant Park is a popular spot for people who want to go around on wheels. It offers a picturesque view of downtown Chicago and features lots of wheel-friendly courses, whether it’s from bikes and scooters or skateboards and rollerblades.

Level Up Your Stay with What to See in Chicago for Adventurers

Chicago can be a great place for some casual adventures and fun activities with families and friends when you know the right places. It’s a great way to really explore and immerse yourself in what the city has to offer while making sure you get the most out of your trip.