Are you planning a staycation but have a tight budget? Perhaps you want to allocate more funds to spending and experience in your destination. If so, we have the perfect tips!

Statistics showed that almost 90% of Americans went on a staycation in 2023. It further proves how common it is for people to go on such trips. Still, you might wonder how to get the best value for your money at this time.

Keep reading to learn a few tips and help you find the best way to save money on hotels!

Scout Your Options

It’s important to consider what options are available during the time of your travel. Keep in mind that room prices vary based on the time of the year or location. So, you want to take your time to consider the best deal.

If you want to guarantee lower costs, it helps to book a room past peak seasons. This way, there’s less competition and likely a higher chance to grab big discounts. You can also consider neighborhoods or towns with lower demand.

Despite the benefit of a low price, you should still understand the area. Make sure you find a reliable place, especially in a city you’re new to.

Find Coupons and Cashback Deals

If you have a membership somewhere, you can see if they have offers dedicated to travel. Usually, you can use these when you book flights, hotels, or other related services.

Coupons are a great way to enjoy discounts, but with cashback deals, you can get a return from your travel expense in the form of points or credits. So, you can use it for future travels or to pay off the costs you incurred during your stay.

Some hotels also offer gift cards, which you can buy early, receive from others, or earn as a reward on different apps.

Use Program Reward Points

It’s common for loyalty programs to reward their members with points for different uses. If you accumulate enough, you can save lots of money when booking hotels.

While the benefits vary from place to place, you can get deals as good as an extra night for free or waived fees when you pay your booking in points. Besides reducing costs, you can also use these to upgrade your stay.

Because of this, most people believe it’s the best way to save money on hotels, especially if you’re an avid spender elsewhere.

Pay with Credit Cards

Similar to most loyalty programs, you can pay with your credit card to gather points or free stays. You can also get these rewards upon signing up for the card or reaching a specific spending minimum.

It’s important to read the fine print or clarify the details before you start going on a spending spree. This way, you can ensure you meet the qualifications and understand how long the offer stays valid.

Get the Most Out of Low-Cost Choices

You can find low-cost options when you book directly with the hotel or make the most out of exclusive offers from OTAs. Through this, you can maximize your savings while maintaining the quality of your stay.

For example, a longer stay means you can get 20% off on the following nights. Another is getting a free room upgrade when you book within a certain period.

Consider the Extras

Beyond booking rooms, the hotel amenities and facilities can determine how much you spend in total since it lets you know what else you have to pay for.

You can book a room with free breakfast or dinner to save on meal costs or free access to the pool or entertainment spaces to save on leisure expenses. The room you pick also helps you save by picking a place with extra space or a kitchen area.

Maximize Your Stay with the Best Way to Save Money on Hotels

The best way to save money on hotels can vary based on what’s accessible to you. What matters is knowing the right tips and how to apply them. With this, you can get the most out of your staycation and put more funds towards bigger activities!