As remote work gains popularity, the number of remote workers in the U.S. is expected to reach over 32 million by 2025, representing almost 25% of the total workforce. This trend has fueled interest in hotel amenities catering to digital nomads.

As one of the most affordable major metropolitan areas, Chicago has become a top destination for remote workers seeking productivity with a vibrant lifestyle. From coffee shops to hip hotels, Chi-Town is now home to a growing community of remote workers taking advantage of the city’s infrastructure and Midwestern charm to mix business with adventure.

Fast WiFi and Charging Stations for Devices

Smooth video calls, quick cloud transfers, and seamless VPN access require more than spotty hotel WiFi these days. Most spots in downtown Chicago now offer free high-speed plans with the bandwidth for heavy usage. Control your connection speeds and upgrade as needed– even backup massive files without frustrating lag times.

In terms of power outlets, say goodbye to fighting over scarce plugs or drained batteries. From ample wall outlets placed conveniently to bedside wireless pads keeping phones powered, remote workers can now maintain their digital lifelines with ease. Some properties even provide portable battery packs, cables, and adapters upon request alongside 24/7 IT help for any troubleshooting needs.

Ergonomic Spaces to Work Comfortably

No more hunching over dim hotel desks or makeshift workarounds. Chicago hotels provide dedicated in-room desk areas designed around proper ergonomics suitable for long remote working hours. Expect spacious desks, rolling chairs with lumbar support, laptop stands, mousepads, and well-placed lighting making work comfortable.

Since everyone has different preferences, don’t hesitate to request adjusting table heights, swapping desks, or changing rooms if your initial setup strains the neck or back.

Food, Coffee, and Snack Delivery

Skipping meals or foraging vending machines will not cut it for remote workers logging full days. Instead, take advantage of 24/7 room service with expanded menus aimed at deskbound diners. Order a nutritious breakfast before logging on, refuel at lunch without losing focus, and make dinner an inbox check away at the day’s end.

When afternoon energy lags, shortcut trips for caffeine refills with coffee bars brewing quality cups, specialty drinks, and free snacks to regain momentum. Venturing further leads to reputable cafes plus casual bites reachable on foot when you need some fresh air. With fuel and bites always within reach, remote workers concentrate on work rather than disrupted workflows from growling stomachs.

Printing, Scanning, Faxing Capabilities

Despite our digital era, remote work still demands printing, faxing, or scanning needs to pop up. Finalizing reports, signatures, references, and last-minute meeting materials may require hard copies. Rather than scramble to find services, utilize business centers available 24/7 for immediate assistance.

Downtown hotels equip their printing stations, copiers, and fax machines avoiding any production lags. Some even offer compact printers directly in rooms or deliver them upon request. Get documents camera or cloud-ready fast thanks to in-house versatility. Avoid playing search and seek for these necessities when urgent requests come up. With setups readily accessible, remote workers skip the headaches and quickly deliver professional materials expected on short notice during check-ins.

Additional Amenities and Convenience Services

For remote workers staying multiple weeks, Chicago hotels take extra steps so accommodations feel as comfortable as your living room. Count on additional perks to settle in seamlessly including:
  • Staying Active: Keep up with your exercise routines by taking advantage of complimentary hotel fitness center access. Break up long work days by getting in a workout without even having to leave the building.
  • At-Home Touches: Enjoy fresh linens, towel changes, mail acceptance, room tidying, and periodic deep cleanings by requesting cleaning services.
  • Flexible Booking: Later checkouts, discounted bolt-on nights, and streamlined billing add flexibility for lengthier stays.
  • Scenic Workspaces: Well-equipped lobbies, open lounges, and meeting rooms allow workspace changes when you need a fresh perspective.
By melding hospitality with at-home conveniences, hotels make weeks-long work trips feel seamless. When staying 30+ days, take advantage of extended-stay benefits optimizing Chicago remote work adventures.

Final Tips

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