A Rising District: Exploring the West Loop Neighborhood

West Loop Neighborhood is rapidly becoming one of the most popular districts for millennials and young professionals in the Chicago area. They flock to downtown Chicago and its trendy neighborhood due to its proximity to work.

It is also surrounded by some of the best kitchens in town and a rooftop bar overlooking the beautiful Chicago skyline. Nightlife is another big perk in Westloop, and nothing young professionals love to be just a few blocks from a local pub. Everything in this area continues to grow and there is no reason why its popularity should not continue to grow.

Inside the neighborhood, you will be seeing a lot of food places, activities you can enjoy, and beautiful attractions you can visit with your friends or families.

Here are some of the places you can visit while in the West Loop neighborhood:

There are still a lot of activities you can do while exploring the beauty of the West Loop neighborhood other than what has been mentioned above. It is surely a place that you will never forget. And in case you want to visit the neighborhood for more than a day, you can book a stay with us here at Hotel Chicago so we can accommodate you with our very relaxing rooms. Book with us here!