Being in the West Loop means you get access to all kinds of attractions, from fun to educational. But beyond the museums and activities, it also has lots to offer at night!

Contrary to what most people expect, it includes activities like festivals, lounges, spas, and more. So, what should you check out when you’re at the West Loop?

Here are Hotel Chicago West Loop’s recommended things to do at night!

Bottom Lounge

If you’re into punk, rock, and electronic music, the Bottom Lounge is a great place to find people with the same tastes. You can get a broad range of beer options while enjoying live music

Moreover, it sits close to the United Center. So, this makes it a spot you want to check out if you’re a fan of hockey!


Cabra, located at the Hoxton Hotel, offers a great combination of good views, ambiance, and food. You can relax in a cozy lounging space while sipping on light and fun drinks paired with Peruvian-inspired cuisine – all while taking in the mesmerizing rooftop view.

Some also recommend visiting the Cabra during the summer if you want a better look at Chicago’s skylines and sunsets.

Union Park

Union Park is known for being one of the top spots for summer music festivals, particularly the Pitchfork Music Festival. But beyond this, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and family if you want to spend time under the sun or stars.

You can also consider checking out the pool, auditorium, fitness center, or basketball and tennis courts for some extra activity.

Emporium Fulton Market

Statistics find that the average individual spends about 9% of their travel budget on entertainment. So, places that offer a broad range of options to fulfill this at a convenient spot.

Emporium Fulton Market is a great choice, especially if you’re into retro games, like pinball machines, air hockey, and foosball. They also have a bar, allowing you to unwind with each game while enjoying beers and cocktails.

Punch Bowl Social

You can take your activities a step further if you want to exert more physical prowess at the Punch Bowl Social. Here, you can find a dining area and bar paired with bowling alleys, karaoke rooms, arcade games, and a VR lounge.

Their space is also the perfect Instagram photoshoot background. So, it makes a great place to spend time with friends and family in the West Loop!

Waydown Bar

Another great place to catch Chicago in its glory, whether during the day or night, is the Waydown Bar at the Ace Hotel. It offers one of the best skyline views of the city, giving you a wide-lens perspective.

You can also enjoy events, performances by DJs, artisan exhibitions, and coffee talks with local creatives as you sip on drinks through the night.

Blind Barber

During the day, the Blind Barber is quite literally what you expect it to be. But at night, it turns into an attraction for those who enjoy the nightlife, making it one of the coolest places around.

They have drinks, dance parties, and even several performances you can witness throughout the evening.

Consider These Things to Do at Night at the West Loop

When considering things to do at night at the West Loop, you want to look into places that offer a broad range of activities and cuisine. You can go somewhere social with excellent drinks or with a great view and calming ambiance. This way, you can get the most out of your trip from morning to night!