Take a Glimpse of Old

The Old Chicago has something to offer. It is difficult to define because it is not linear. It’s not black and white. But it’s loving and sexy. You feel comfortable but curious, enthusiastic and focused, without having to explain to you what it is. Grapes and Grains West Loop understands this and provide an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for the most memorable experiences downtown Chicago offers.

In addition, GG’s is Westloop’s ultimate destination for anyone who wants to enjoy live music with drinks and food. The baby grand piano is a central element on the ground floor and sits proudly outside the bar. Every seat in the house is designed to marvel at the piece and the talent that decorates it at that moment.

GG’s is a great social experience for people who want to experience an intimate night of 1920s Chicago underground thrills. With vintage chandeliers, bare bricks, sexy drink menus and intimate lighting with extravagant snacks, GG’s is perfect for date nights, happy hours, off-hours dinners, or gatherings with close friends.

With 2,500 square feet, its main dining floor is showing a great similarity with a fancy lounge. Wine cabinets and bars are all custom-built, and there is also a sabrage room where you can open with a big sword and a bottle of champagne.

So when visiting the West Loop neighborhood, don’t miss the chance to explore this awesome place that you and your family or friends will surely enjoy!

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