Going to new places is often fun and exciting. You get to experience new things, taste foods you haven’t tried before, see places you’ve never seen, immerse yourself in different cultures, and so on. Traveling in itself is fun and rewarding, but it’s also challenging: You need to make sure you don’t leave important belongings, always have some cash at the ready, and—most of all—not miss your schedules. If you want to enjoy stress-free travels, here’s a guide that will help you avoid unnecessary stress and troubles.

Tips to Enjoying stress-free travels

Plan your trip

First of all, you must plan your trip in advance. This is non-negotiable for a stress-free trip. While there might be some circumstances that could affect your travels, it’s always better to plan ahead compared to just going along with whatever comes to mind. Plan your target destinations, how you will get there, your meals, and so on. Consider what you will need for each day of your trip and make the necessary preparations. Make sure to allot enough time for transit. Doing this allows you to have a structured trip that’s easier to manage.

Secure your tickets beforehand

If you’re travelling by plane, ferry, or train, it will do you well to secure tickets beforehand. Buying tickets ahead of time ensures that you will have a slot in the transportation you choose. Doing this also lets you avoid that frustration of having planned every detail of your trip, only for it to be cancelled because flights are fully booked.

Also, make sure to have printed copies of your tickets with you. Don’t rely on digital or electronic copies you can store on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Electronic devices could malfunction at any time, making electronic copies unreliable. It’s best to have printed copies.

Invest in an organized packing system

Next, having an organized packing system allows you to bring everything you need with you at low to no risk of losing or leaving anything behind. It’s not that difficult to do this—all you need is to pack your things according to their use and then placing them in the same areas of your backpack or luggage so that you won’t forget where you placed them. You can also attach labels so that it’s easier for you to access what you need when you need them.

If you can, buy packing cubes so that you can store your items separately inside your luggage. This will allow you to organize clothes, bottoms, socks, and other things easier. Buying packing cubes of different colors makes organizing your things easier, even if you’re always moving from one city to the next.

Memorize your passport number

Carrying a lot of stuff is already stressful. Having to pull out your passport again and again when filling up certain documents adds to the stress. Memorize your passport number and other important details so that it’s easier for you to provide these information when you’re asked at the airport and other places.

Bring a fanny pack for important things

Wearing a fanny pack allows you to carry important things like your smartphone, wallet, identification cards, passport, and others with you at all times. With a small bag strapped to your waist or across your body, you won’t have to bring bigger backpacks with you at all times, especially if all you plan to do is go out of your hotel or resort room to buy something to eat or drink.

What’s more, airports consider fanny packs as clothing articles, not luggage. This allows you to use it as an extra pack for small things that should be kept within arm’s reach. Using this allows you to avoid standing up during flights to get things from your backpack in the overhead bin.

Stay hydrated

If there’s one thing you must absolutely remember to do, aside from the things mentioned above, it’s to keep drinking enough water during your travels. Sure, the urge to find a restroom might be heightened when you keep doing this, but this will save you from being dehydrated, which can in turn lead to other unwanted results such as nausea, jet lag, fatigue, and so on. Buy a reusable water bottle so that you can bring potable water with you at all times.

Bring snacks with you

Aside from bringing drinking water, consider bringing some snacks with you as well. This will help you avoid paying for expensive food at the airport and other terminals, and will also help you avoid hunger in the event that you find unfamiliar food at your target destination. Granola bars and protein bars will do the trick, as do peanuts and crackers that can fit in your fanny pack.

Get travel insurance

Travel insurance helps you protect your belongings from being lost, stolen or broken during your trip. Some travel insurance options even cover health issues and return flights in the event that a disaster occurs. While you shouldn’t expect to experience bad things during your trip, it never hurts to get yourself insured. You’re merely paying for peace of mind, and other protections.

Enjoy waiting times

Every aspect of your journey is meant to be enjoyed. This includes the time you spend waiting for your flight at the airport, for the ferry to leave the dock, and for the bus or train to arrive at the station. Instead of getting annoyed that you have to wait hours for transit, think of it as spare time you have to be with yourself if you are traveling solo, or extra bonding time with your travel companions.

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