In recent years, more people have been looking to travel with a pet. While the demand grows, so does the access to pet-friendly spots.

A survey by Wag! reveals that approximately 94% of travelers would give up at least one amenity for pet-friendliness at accommodations. Even so, there are other things to consider before you settle with your choice.

Here are a few tips to help you find the ideal hotel when you travel with a pet.

Go Through Reviews

Figuring out how to travel with a pet is one thing, but finding spaces without restrictions is another. So, you want to be sure you’re looking in the right place right off the bat.

A great way to start is by going through hotel reviews. Not only does it give you an idea of their service and quality, but it also lets you read through the experiences of fellow pet owners.

Moreover, you can go through forums and ask questions about the accommodation yourself or get references from people you personally know.

Review the Pet Policy

Even if a hotel is pet-friendly, they will have specific policies. These vary for each of them, so take your time to go through them.

Start by checking out the details on the sites. But to be extra sure, contact the hotel to clarify further details.

Confirm the Fees

Fees play a big role in travel decisions, whether you’re on a tight budget or free to spend however much you want. Because of this, one of the first questions you should have is “how much does it cost to travel with a pet?”

When picking a hotel, confirm the cost of the pet fees and whether it’s a flat rate or charged per night. With this, you can prepare the budget and determine if the cost is worth it, especially after considering other factors.

Look Into Potential Restrictions

Beyond policies, pet-friendly hotels may come with different kinds of limits. It includes anything related to your furry friend or where you can tag them along.

For instance, there may be a weight limit for each pet or all of them combined. On the other hand, some places can only accept specific types of pets.

You should also note which parts of the hotel you can bring them. Generally, the dining and pool areas would be off-limits, but other places may have more restrictions.

Check for Pet-Friendly Amenities

No matter how much you want to travel with a pet, you should consider whether they will enjoy their stay as much as you do. So, it helps to look into pet-friendly hotel amenities beyond outdoor areas.

A few you can look out for include pet restaurants, parks, shops, and bars. This way, your pet can bond with others and stay comfortable throughout the trip.

In Closing: Tips for When You Travel With a Pet

A pet-friendly hotel goes beyond allowing your furry friend to be with you in your room. You want to be sure it offers enough amenities and spaces for you and your pet to have fun together.

So, look into a place that focuses on making the experience a memorable one for everyone. This way, you can ensure you get the most out of your travel with a pet!