The Annex
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A Unique Blend of creativity & Comfort

The performance of visual art brightens the West Loop neighborhood—a display that transforms our boutique hotel into an immersive cultural experience, reflective of the diversity and energy of our community.

Painting of woman

In Room Murals

Introduced in spring 2018, The Annex | Murals is an ongoing bi-annual initiative designed to feature works by Chicago-based street artists in our guest rooms. To date, we've featured works by Asend, Elloo, Josh Grotto, Brandin Hurley, and JC Rivera.

Meet the Artists


"I am starting a series that focus on a classical painting approaches to portraiture, with contemporary/colorful backgrounds. The idea is to study the contrast between the smooth, subdued aesthetic of oil portraits, versus and the vibrant/loose feel of street art mediums like cans and sprays. The result is an intersection of classical painting with an urban vibe."

Josh Grotto

"I took particular attachment to this line: “And Chicago divided your heart. Leaving you loving the joint for keeps. Yet knowing it never can love you.” I used two photographs taken of Algren by Art Shay as sources for the train silhouette and his portrait in the window. Shay was a writer and photographer for Life, Time, and other national publications."


"I wanted to create a sweet dreams love-lets fly away feeling. My characters are all an extension of me, my monster children. I love painting magic on walls."

Brandin Hurley

"I have always been fascinated by the blurred line between waking life and dreams, reality and perception. Children often see the world as large and foreboding, miraculous and awe-inspiring, overwhelming and magical. Their imagination enhances shadows, deepens darkness, draws to prominence the smallest drop of dew or shimmering particles of dust. Their perceptions become interwoven with reality, projecting their own awe and wonder upon everyday life. As an artist, I try to live in this space and make it visible to others."

JC Rivera

"I first started drawing The Bear Champ in 2010, I wanted to create a character that was not human, and not too specific in terms of race, so it’s more symbolic. He used to smoke, he was beat up, he had a little chip on his shoulder. I’ve been through a lot as an artist. I’ve been taken advantage of without getting recognition. I feel like I’m finally at an age when something is working for me, so that’s when I started making the bear a little more positive. [and] gave him the crown—cause now he’s a champion. It took him a while to get where he is, but now, he’s more successful, more iconic, more positive, like me."

Painting of dinosaur bones Painting of dinosaur bones Painting of dinosaur bones Painting of dinosaur bones Painting of dinosaur bones

Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

“Art is to console those who are broken by life.”
-Vincent Van Gogh

Our collaboration with the AbilityLab focuses on healing through art. An exhibition spanning the entire third-floor is being organized with the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and will feature art therapy works by patients with disabilities.

Permanent Collection

First floor

The journey into Horn’s work begins on the first floor, where visitors experience his now extinct Cibachrome process in selections from his Polaroid Impressionism collection. By manipulating images before the emulsion dried, Horn was able to achieve an idyllic yet imperfect effect.

Second floor

The second-floor features works Horn collected from around the world and has pieces ranging from portraits to landscapes and still-lifes. The aesthetic is elegant and moody, seductive yet gritty.

man in coral suit talking to another man in brown leather coat

Fourth floor

Horn’s experimental works continue on the fourth floor with his Beauty and Heart series. Exposing 35mm film to sunlight, Horn was able to achieve deep blues that contrast with the rich reds he developed by exposing the same film to incandescent light.